News Alloy is over

今天收到一封Email,来自 ,标题是News Alloy is over。借助翻译软件,我看完了这封Email。

News Alloy是一个新闻聚合站点,很久以前,我注册过会员,并写过一篇文章来介绍它。不过后来一直没有跟进试用。今天看Email,才知道这个网站一直是一个人在做:开发、美工、管理、推广等等工作,作者是Volodymyr ,在乌克兰的基辅。

2007年6月时News Alloy的状况

News Alloy Stats
Number of Registered users: ~ 9000
Number of new users per month: ~200
Number of feeds subscribed: ~ 90, 000

Visitors Stats
Visits per month: ~ 12,000 (March),
Unique Visits per month: ~ 8,000 (March),
Alexa Rank: ~115,000
Visitor performance could be easily increased with new implementations and stability announces.

Key Features:
Folder based feed organization, highly customizable feed viewing capabilities, Web.20 user interface, AJAX based navigation, and Rich featured Mobile Version (for PDA, Phones), Sharing features, easy expandable.

Technical platform:
Linux Fedora Core , Apache 2.0, PHP4, MySQL 5.0.X (InnoDB), Unix Shell, curl

Servers configuration:
Database + Hosting: Dual Xeon 2.0 Ghz, 46 Gb HDD (RAID 5), 2 Gb RAM
Spider machine: Xeon 1.8 Ghz, 2 Gb RAM ( runts ~ 40 spider processes simultaneously)

Current issues:
Low HDD Space on database server causes to periodically stop the service and cleanup to free space for new data
Need to spread spiders on at least 4 separate machines or even more to ensure faster crawling spped
Need to increase HDD space for more items to fit in.

从2005年底到现在,近两年半的时间,Volodymyr 已经投入了大量的精力。他目前正在开发News Alloy 2,已基本完成。去年开始,仅有的两台服务器(一台Web Server ,一台DB Server),开始频繁当机,用户开始流失。后来准备出售网站,但最后都没有成功。他已经失去了耐心,最终决定关闭站点。


祝Volodymyr 好运!


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